The most asked question I receive is “what are your symptoms” so I figured I would just make a huge list of all the symptoms I have had. Lyme can cause a wide variety of symptoms and they can come and go randomly. If you have any of these and don’t know why or have been sick for awhile without a diagnosis check into Lyme Disease or any of the co infections. The co infections can cause just as severe (if not worse) symptoms. Early detection is important to getting fully healed. I went 6 months with severe symptoms undiagnosed :/ I  also have bartonella, babeisa, mycoplasma and ehrlichiosis.

Symptoms list

  • brain fog (severe)
  • dizziness (severe)
  • vertigo (severe)
  • off balance (severe)
  • vision problems (severe)
  • tingling in calf muscle
  • numbness in palms
  • jaw pain
  • frontal headaches (severe)
  • pain around eyes and forehead (severe)
  • concentration difficulties (severe)
  • neck pain (severe)
  • wrist pain
  • chest pain
  • heart palpitations
  • rib soreness
  • sensitivity to light (severe)
  • flashing lights in vision (severe)
  • floaters/sparkles in vision (severe)
  • problems focusing objects
  • slight stomach issues
  • spleen pain (severe)
  • muscle twitching
  • speech issues, saying wrong word
  • depersonalization (severe) Very very scary symptom, I literally felt like I wasn’t real
  • ear ringing
  • memory loss problems
  • fatigue
  • sleep disturbances
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • slight hand tremors
  • nerve pain on soles of feet
  • low temperature
  • low blood pressure







Ehrlichia and Anaplasma