September Update

Hi! I thought I’d do a quick update since restarting my IV treatment last month. Things have been going relatively smoothly as far as the port and treatment goes (well as smoothly as life for a Lyme patient is). I’ve been doing my IVs (doxy and rocephin) daily since August 5. When I first started back on them after being off for nearly a month, I went through some kinda rough herxing. I expected that to happen. I infuse my antibitoics every morning and usually I don’t feel the effects until the afternoon/4-5 ish. I personally think the doxy is the medicine that causes the most herxing for me but it’s really hard to say. I am still taking rifampin orally as well as oral coartem for babesia 3 days a week. The herxing i feel from the coartem is very rough. For awhile I didn’t think I had the co infection babesia but after a few months of LD treatment I sorta started to feel like I did so my LLMD put me on coartem in July and based on the reactions I’ve had from it I can now say for sure  I have babesia :/ most patients with Lyme have babesia as well though.

  IV doxy pressure ball


Coartem for babesia


One thing that I want to mention is how much I’m starting to like/ respect herbal/alternative treatment in regard to Lyme and co. I recently started diffusing essential oils and I can honestly say they have helped my neuro stuff: brain fog, depersonalization.. I diffuse an oil called frankincense. I was fortunate enough to come across a very nice lady, Amanda, who sells these oils from the company doTERRA. She is also a fellow Lymie and she is in remission from using oils/ alternative treatments. You can check out her blog for her story:


Frankincense oil

I have also been reading some of Stephen buhner (aka the master herbalist) books and I find it very very interesting and helpful. I truly believe the herbals/ alternative treatments work in treating LD (something I never thought I would say). I really wish I could just do all herbals for my treatment but LLMD firmly believes I’m still in a place where I need the heavy IV antibitoics. I did, however, order some herbs for specific symptoms/things I want to work on. I ordered Chinese skullcap, cordyceps, stephania root, and ginkgo biloba. I am very excited, but nervous, to try these.


Another thing I started doing was IV vitamin C and IV glutathione treatments. I do these once a week at my LLMD’s office. I found that these have been extremely helpful for me. I have been doing 10grams of Vit C and 2000mg of glutathione with 600mg of NAC Mixed in. I am grateful for having a port so I can get these infusions.

A few weeks ago was my one year anniversary of realizing that I have LD. Obviously that is a kinda depressing thing to remember. But, looking back to how I felt last fall I am definitely in a better place now. Some days it may not feel like that but overall I am better, which is very hopeful. I remember I could barely shower last year because of the heart palpitations and severe dizziness I got from being in the heat. Showering is a lot easier for me now. 😄 I also don’t have a lot of the symptoms I had last year. I had a ton of random symptoms all over my body whereas now my symptoms are mostly in the same area and not moving around. At times I’ll only have one or two symptoms but they are still the annoying neuro/ vision issues. These symptoms have gotten better in intensity though. As of right now I believe I’ll be doing IV antibitoic treatment for probably another 4/5 months. I should (hopefully) be feeling a lot better by that time to be able to slowly start tapering off the antibiotics and move towards more herbals.


One year ago


Over the past few months I have come to the conclusion that I most likely will need to be on some sort of treatment for the rest of my life based on the severity of how hard I was hit with this disease. I am OK with this realization but I would prefer to use holistic and natural treatments to maintain this disease for the rest of my life (if my body allows for that).


That’s all I have for now. I will update next month with how I’m feeling after ~3 months of IVs (unless something happens before then). And I’m  always available if anyone wants to talk  ☀️