IV update 

So I need to update on how my iv treatment is going. Overall it’s been helping. I think it’s been helping a lot More than the orals did in the past 5 months…I’ve done more stuff this past week than I have in almost 7 months! I was able to go back to my apartment, go shopping, get my hair cut, get new glasses (prescription, not Lyme goggles 😎),  and hang out with some friends which is awesome since I haven’t really had any other human interaction for like MONTHS lol. Everyday I’m starting to get glimpses of myself pre-Lyme. My old personality is coming back s-l-o-w-l-y. But it is improvement. I can’t believe how it’s only been 3 weeks with iv medicine and I’m already seeing a decent amount of improvements. I don’t need to wear my glasses as much either. I am now bathing (or Attempting to with the picc line) everyday too. Baby steps are key with Lyme haha. 

I have been trying to detox more because I think a lot of my remaining issues are from excess toxins circulating in my body. I started drinking yogi detox tea everyday as well as apple cider vinegar and I increased my gluthatione breathing to everyday. I walk everyday and soon I will be starting cholestyramine which is a strong toxin binder. 

One thing I don’t like about the iv treatment is that I always find myself watching my line for bubbles cuz there seems to be a lot of them. It is pretty nerve wracking to watch bubbles go into my line but they aren’t big enough to do damage so i just have to remind myself that. I do iv doxy everyday which takes 2 hours so for those 2 hours I mostly just want my line 😭. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday i also do iv rocephin but that is only a 30 min pressure ball so it’s easier to watch. Im not sure if other Lyme people with piccs do this but it’s definitely not fun for me! 

So overall I am happy I started the iv treatment and I hope I keep making improvements💚💚💚