PICC line for treatment


So some recent exciting things have happened in the world of Sam…I got  a PICC line put in! We finally decided it was time to do IV treatment so last Wednesday I got  a PICC line put in and last Thursday I received my first ever dose of IV doxycycline. Today I got my first dose of IV Rocephin as well. I will be doing the doxy every day and the rocephin three days a week.  The PICC line procedure was not too bad. Of course I was nervous but the guy who did it was AWESOME. My arm was really sore and it still is a little bit under my armpit but overall it’s not too terrible.  I still need to figure out how to shower with the line…


Getting my first dose of iv doxy at the hospital 

 Iv doxy at home..at first I was doing the iv drip bag but we had soooooo many problems with bubbles in the tube so now I get both my iv medication in the little pressure ball!  

Pressure ball for rocephin. The doxy pressure ball is way better than this. I love these little balls tho!! So much easier and more portable than the iv stand.

As far as symptoms go I haven’t had any MAJOR herxing like I had expected with getting IV antibiotics. I felt really off and out of it this past weekend which im assuming is a die off reaction. Today I felt dizzy and my head hurt while doing the rocephin infusion but nothing compared to how I felt when I first started treatment. I’m hoping this stays the same and I don’t have any major herx reactions. My vision has gotten better in the past month and I think it is from the Bactrim antibiotic I am taking. I will continue taking that orally. I had a major herx two weeks ago and I discovered that I most likely have the co infection Babesia based on the heart fluttering and night sweats symptoms. I think the Bactrim is working well against the Babesia.


Overall I haven’t been feeling too terrible lately. I think its too soon to attribute that feeling to the IV treatment but I am hopeful that this PICC line will be the  final straw in my treatment. I signed up for fall classes so I’m hoping that by the end of August I’ll be healthy enough to go back to school for a few classes. That is still 5 months away so it’s pretty reasonable seeing how I’ve been on treatment for 5 months. I’ll most likely still have the PICC line in then so it will be weird going to class with it.


So that’s the exciting news in Sam world. Not very exciting to normal people but in LymeLand this is a big step. I’ve read lots of good things about IV rocephin and neurolyme so hopefully I’ll have the same outcome!

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