Something that is hard to avoid when dealing with a sickness or any hardship in life is letting it take over and consume your whole life.  A lot of times when something bad happens and a person has to deal with it for a long time, they let it consume and become their whole life. It is really hard to avoid this because when dealing with Lyme a lot of times all you can do is lay in bed and just deal with the symptoms you have; there is not much else you can do besides wait it out. Sometimes this waiting can take months or even years. Waiting to get better can really take a toll on a person’s mental state and often the disease is all the person can think of 24/7. All you can think about is how sick you are and how you just want to be better. Over time it basically consumes your entire life and there’s no room for anything else. I don’t think this is a good thing to happen but when you are seriously ill with Lyme or any other disease it is almost unavoidable. I think for awhile I let this disease take over and let it be the only thing in my life. But I realized something and that is just because I am sick right now doesn’t mean there can’t be other things going on in my life at the same time. I can’t really do much physically but I can change my attitude and how I deal with this.

I enjoy looking at old pictures on my phone from when I wasn’t sick because it helps to remind me that there is a life outside of being sick and one day I will get that old life back. Sometimes it makes me sad looking at things I can’t do now or when I didn’t feel like crap all the time but at the same time it gives me hope. I always had a lot of fun  doing stuff with my friends or traveling and I know that will happen again. I always had something to laugh at (which I do miss now) but I am still the same person with the same happy personality. I am glad Lyme didn’t change the way I am. I really think that whenever you’re stuck during a hard time in life and it seems hopeless it always helps to remind yourself that life is still good and good times will happen again. Even when it doesn’t seem like it there is a wonderful life outside Lyme Disease and I think a lot of times people suffering from it forget that.

I put up some pictures of things from my life that make me happy and of some places I’ve been. It is under the pages tab on the side of my blog. I always think it’s cool to see what people look like or what they like to do in pictures because it is so hard to tell what someone is actually like over the internet. Check it out if you’re interested in what my life (partially) looks like outside of Lyme Disease.

One other thing I forgot to mention before is that I am almost done with my online Differential Equations class!!! This is my last math class I have to take for my civil engineering degree and I am so happy about that. I am also taking two online classes this semester because I am still not able to return back to school normally. I am taking online Dynamics and online geology. I am so thankful for my college to be nice enough to accept online credits from other colleges to go towards my degree while I am sick. I did some planning and it seems as though I will only graduate a semester behind what I should have if I hadn’t gotten sick which is quite amazing. (This is if I am able to return back to school in the fall).

Here is the link to my pictures page:

It took me quite awhile to upload and crop the pictures to my liking. (I am kinda particular about some things). Hopefully this inspires anyone with Lyme Disease in a Lyme hole to go and look at some old pictures from happier times and get some hope.




4 thoughts on “Lyme&Life

  1. I try to practice gratitude as much as possible. At this point for me, my goal is to accept that life has change. I know I will never be the same person doing the same things I did before Lyme. But I’m OK with that fact. I’m growing in many more ways I’m not sure I would have if Lyme hadn’t interrupted me. That is really fantastic about your courses!


    1. Doing ok…added Bactrim for bartonella and I think I’m going through a herx period right now. I’m trying to add some more detoxing but I don’t wanna add too much haha. How are you doing? Have you taken Bactrim?

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      1. I’ve taken Bactrim before. I really didn’t herx the first 6-9 months because I was so ill. My doctor took me off antibiotics about 2 months ago since I had been on a variety of them for about 2.7 years. But then last Monday, I tested CDC positive for Lyme again. Big fat bummer.


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