I wanna talk about one important part of my treatment: glutathione breathing treatments. I take lots of pictures while doing this treatment because I think I look so silly with a breathing mask on my face and I have gotten questions regarding what it is used for so I will explain here. I do this breathing treatment twice a week (actually about to do it here soon) and it takes about 10 minutes to complete. We purchased a nebulizer and my mom hooks up the machine twice a week (usually Sunday and Thursday). My Lyme doctor prescribes the glutathione liquid vials which we pour into a cup below the mask. When the machine is on it basically turns the liquid into a mist that I just breathe in. It smells pretty bad and it makes me fairly dizzy while doing it and for about an hour after. I sometimes get a headache but I believe that it is what has helped my brain fog tremendously. Many people have never heard of Glutathione  but it is actually a really important thing in helping the body fight off diseases and keep in good health. Glutathione is used for a wide variety of illness like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, cataracts, and Lyme. However, it is an important thing for the body in healthy people as well. Basically glutathione is found in cells. It is the body’s best antioxidant machine. In the most simplest explanation it neutralizes the bad things that build up in your body so your body can stay healthy and normal. It is a very important actor in your body and I think it helps with Lyme a good deal because when the bacteria is killed off they release bad toxins that can cause many symptoms ranging from neurological to stomach pain. If these toxins aren’t removed from the body, they just circulate and you can never recover. The glutathione helps to detoxify all the bad junk that the dead bacteria leave behind.

Glutathione is an interesting topic to learn about because it can help with so many different illnesses and conditions. This is a really good article that talks more in depth about it and how to boost your levels

Essential Glutathione: The Mother of All Antioxidants

Throughout this Lyme journey I have learned so much valuable information about the body that I probably never would have learned if I hadn’t gotten sick. I am glad that I can take some good out of this sickness. I am a pretty optimistic person and I think that for every bad thing there is something good as well. You just have to look for the brighter side of the situation.





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