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I just got done updating this blog and making it look  nice by actually applying a THEME!! Its only one of the free themes so its not thatttt great but it still looks good I think!! It took me forever to figure out how to work this website on the computer, though.Usually I  use my phone to upload  new blog posts. Its always weird using a computer for stuff I normally use my phone for. I will admit that typing this right now on a keyboard is a lot easier than my iPhone screen (sorry Steve Jobs).


One thing I realized I forgot to mention in my previous post about the treatment update is about my diet..or the ‘lyme diet’ as I refer to it as. Two months ago I cut out dairy and started a very low sugar diet. I was already gluten free (and still am). The dairy free is the hardest for me. I love cheese and yogurt and ice cream. Dairy free cheese just isnt the same and I really miss pizza. (However, my mom just found  gluten free, dairy free frozen pizza that is REALLY good so I’m happy about that). Gluten free and sugar free aren’t as hard for me because you can find virtually everything gluten free nowadays, same with sugar free. I really enjoy the sugar free popsicles. Also, Rockne’s has a TON of gluten free food on their menu in case anyone was wondering. I love Rockne’s.


Something that helps me throughout the day is listening to music I’ve discovered. Over the past couple months I’ve found some artists that I really like and I  kinda think that if I weren’t sick I probably wouldn’t have found this new music (so that’s something good I guess).  I really like Lily Allen. She seems like a pretty real person based on her lyrics. I also found the band neon trees and I like their music a lot. Music can really help a person forget about the problems they are currently dealing with I think.


I started keeping a tally of the days to see how many it ends up being until I am not sick. Sorry CDC but your guidelines of two weeks of antibiotics didn’t cut it for me. (eye roll) I recently watched the documentary ‘Under our Skin’ which is the BEST description of Lyme Disease I think there is available. I could relate to every person interviewed in the film. It is sad how many people are touched by this disease and dont get proper treatment for YEARS. It just doesnt make sense how doctors can be so blind to such a problem. I could go on and on for hours about this but I highly suggest everyone to watch this documentary, especially if you have Lyme. It is truly scary and such an eye opener of how big of a problem Lyme actually is and it is only going to get worse.


I hope everyone enjoys my new and upgraded blog!





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