The ignorance surrounding Lyme 

It’s actually quite amazing the ignorance that surrounds Lyme disease. Out of all the things I’ve dealt With throughout my journey with Lyme & co I think the most shocking aspect is the way Lyme patients are treated by not only doctors but by random strangers and people who claim they are your “friends.” The saying “you don’t get it till you get it” is most definitely true regarding this disease. The things people have told me and what I see people say about others with Lyme honestly disgusts me. I have heard things like “you’re making it up,” “you don’t even look sick,” “suck it up and go back to school,” “Lyme isn’t that bad, you just get achy joints” (oh how I wish lol),”you don’t have cancer so it’s not that bad,” and my personal favorite: “you post it on social media to get attention!!” Right cuz your 500 pictures of you in a bathing suit or popping your butt out sitting on the sink for likes isn’t for attention, I’ll remember that. And anyway if that’s how you feel WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?!?!?! The people who say these things are ultimately the problem with this disease. People who deny the severity of the disease or that chronic Lyme exists (including doctors) are why people with Lyme cannot go to school, work, etc, because it takes YEARS to get a proper diagnosis, and why we DO need attention because we don’t get the right attention we deserve!! If I had cancer I know 100% for a fact that I would face a different response from people…why is that? Why does one disease deserve more attention, research, proper treatment, insurance coverage, support..? It honestly blows my mind because I have the same symptoms as someone who has brain cancer, but it’s me who’s making it up. Right.

Not sick here^^^^ look perfectly fine, must be in perfect health:) thx Doctor Instagram.

People are so so so ignorant to the medical field that if someone doesn’t have ‘cancer’ they aren’t really sick (because cancer in their minds is the only bad disease anyone can have). It’s sad that people with Lyme have to encounter things like this when they are truly very very sick. The symptoms from Lyme can mimic almost ANY disease like cancer!! Or ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, crohns, the list would take too long to write.

The comments I have read on the famous Yolanda foster (and Lyme suffer) Instagram account are really unbelievable. Yes there are hundreds of nice, supportive fans of hers that wish her the best and that they hope she gets better, which I’m sure is awesome for her to have pop up on her phone, but there are also TONS of negative, completely ignorant jerks who think they are doctors and know everything about Lyme because their grandma had it and got better or because they went to google and read the first article they found about Lyme and the treatment being 2 weeks of antibiotics (laughing). They say the most hateful things to her and it’s really shocking to me as to why someone would waste their time to comment on a sick person’s picture knowing NOTHING about what that person is going through and to be a complete jerk about it. I just don’t get it and I probably won’t ever get it because I’m not the type of person to do something like that.

Ladiylake must be a doctor. Good work doc!

Oh and same with shansski. I wonder where her office is, maybe she can treat me for my depression & affluenza.

Btw doctor Instagram is free and it is available 24/7. No insurance required!

If Lyme disease would have a different approach by people (mostly doctors, but yes my friends and strangers who follow my ig), then together we can work on finding better ways to treat it or prevent it…or come up with a cure. There’s not enough attention focused on Lyme disease and co infections but in my opinion the Lyme epidemic is only going to get worse. I think more and more people will develop Lyme and I really think it’s going to be a HUGE problem soon. Hopefully all the ignorant people who have said nasty stuff to me don’t get it because I know what my response will be. 😺😺😺 (‘wait you don’t look sick??? You’re fine.’) lol


Perfectly healthy here as well..well besides the countless neurological symptoms, dizziness, and pain I was experiencing at the time I took this picture. But THATS not from Lyme disease..nope, no way.

Oh & one more thing: I absolutely used to HATE getting my blood drawn, I would cry like a baby whenever I was forced throughout my teenage years and now getting blood drawn is a twice a month thing for me…(but I’m not sick guys, I LOVE Getting blood drawn now;)) and I also LOVE school (I’m a nerd) so being away from school and my apartment (which we paid for the whole school year so that’s about 7,000 dollars wasted) means that I definitely can’t be sick and I’m just totally making this whole thing up!!!!! Oh how I love getting attention 💁🏼

^this is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to anyone reading this who thinks that I’m doing this for attention on social media or if you truly don’t think Lyme disease is that big of a deal I have some suggestions for you:

1) grow up. Just because someone doesn’t “look sick” to you doesn’t mean ANYTHING. You don’t look stupid buuuuut…

2) do some research about diseases and the body. You would be surprised at what you find. One thing I’ve learned from this experience is how to take care of my body better and about diet, exercise, and toxic products and how they hurt the body.

3) unfollow me on social media if me talking about my struggle with an awful disease really bothers you THAT much (poor you)

& 4) kiss my Lyme ASS.




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