Update on treatment and progress 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my Lyme journey and a lot has happened regarding my health. I don’t think I’ve ever posted all the medicine I’m taking so I will list them now: Probiotics 4, 2x a day

Vitamin d3 1

Selenium 1

Folic acid 1, 2x a day

Co q 10 1

Doxycycline 2, 2x a day

Elderberry drops 2x a day

Milk thistle drops 2x a day

Olive leaf extract 2, 2x a day

Grapefruit seed extract 4, 2x a day

Nystatin drink 3x a day

Cefuroxime (antibiotic) 2, 3x a day

Vitamin c 2, 2x a day

Activated charcoal 2, 2x a day

Enhansa (curcumin capsules) worked up to 3 everyday

Molybdenum drops 3, 1x a day

B12 shots 2x a week

I am also doing glutathione breathing treatments twice a week.
This is the list of what I take on a daily basis:/ it’s a lot to get down but it’s all important. Antibiotics are the most important for Lyme and co infection treatment but I also don’t believe in healing without these supplements. In addition to this Medication I also walk on my treadmill every day for 20-25 minutes at speed 3.7. This is really all I can handle without going overboard and making my body too dizzy and unbalanced. I really think the walking is helping me a lot. I used to be able to run for an hour non stop so only being able to walk really sucks but I know I’ll get back to running soon.
So now to my symptoms…a lot has changed like I said previously. For awhile I was experiencing constant brain fog and concentration problems. I am glad that this has gotten better over the course of my treatment. I’m still not “normal” in my head cuz I do feel weird sometimes but I don’t have the weird feeling to the degree I had it over the summer and throughout the fall. My vision problems have also changed. I don’t see weird lights and colors anymore but that has been replaced by something even stranger. This sounds crazy when I try to describe it but the best way to explain my new vision problem is this: whenever I don’t wear my sunglasses and I am in a room with natural light or artificial lighting objects seem “off” to my brain. When I look at things they almost don’t seem real. I notice that this problem is worse in yellow rooms or yellow lighting. When I’m in darkness I see perfectly normal. I don’t think it’s a problem with my eyes but rather a problem with my brain processing the images. It has gotten slightly better in the past few weeks but still not “normal.” One other new thing is foot pain in the morning when I take my first steps of the day. This is due to the bartonella co infection. This symptom has just started and I believe it is a die off reaction to the new antibiotics I am now taking (ceftin). A few other symptoms I experience off and on currently:

Headaches around my eyes

Spleen pain

Severe dizziness and vertigo

Fatigue (I go to bed at 6 every day and wake up around 3am)
For about a month and a half I had (what I assume) a really bad herx reaction. I was very very very dizzy for over a month straight. It was really miserable. I could barely walk or even hold my head off my pillow. The dizziness wasn’t a normal kind of dizziness, though. It felt like the inside of my head was literally being shaken up. I assume this is a response to the antibiotics killing the bacteria in my Brain. Since most of my symptoms are related to my brain I think it’s a good thing I had/have this reaction because it feels like the antibiotics are doing their job and are killing off the stupid bacteria. I do have this dizziness still a lot but it’s not as bad as it was two months ago.
Overall I do think I’m getting better but it really is a slow process like everyone with Lyme says. For awhile I didn’t think I would ever recover from this disease but the past couple weeks I’ve been more hopeful after seeing some slight improvement. I definitely won’t be truly “normal” for at least a few more months (if I had to guess) but I do believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve never been a really patient person but this disease has changed that because to get better from Lyme and co infections you just have to wait and let your body take the treatment you give it. It’s all about being patient and helping your body and I really believe everyone recovers from Lyme eventually. It might be months and years but your body can heal if you treat it the right way.




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