Something that is hard to avoid when dealing with a sickness or any hardship in life is letting it take over and consume your whole life.  A lot of times when something bad happens and a person has to deal with it for a long time, they let it consume and become their whole life. … More Lyme&Life


For the past couple days I’ve been really tired and nauseous and I’m not sure if it is from a herx or if it is from the medicine. That’s the one thing in particular about Lyme treatment that sucks-you never really know what is going on. I might be getting a PICC line put in … More Things


I think one of the hardest aspects of lyme (besides how others treat you) while going through treatment is actually accepting the disease. Accepting the fact that I’m sick and will be for awhile was a pretty hard pill to swallow (no pun intended regarding the 30+ pills I take a day). It is very … More Acceptance


I wanna talk about one important part of my treatment: glutathione breathing treatments. I take lots of pictures while doing this treatment because I think I look so silly with a breathing mask on my face and I have gotten questions regarding what it is used for so I will explain here. I do this … More Glutathione

Things to share

I just got done updating this blog and making it look  nice by actually applying a THEME!! Its only one of the free themes so its not thatttt great but it still looks good I think!! It took me forever to figure out how to work this website on the computer, though.Usually I  use my … More Things to share