Non toxic products & Lyme recovery 

I haven’t posted in sooooo long!! I’ve been trying to not think about Lyme for the past two weeks and focus on other things. My grandma passed away on Sunday so we had her funeral today. I am sad about her passing because she was one of the best people I know. She was so funny and goofy and all around the BEST grandma ever. She had a wonderful funeral and I know she is in heaven and still being her goofy and fun self 🙂 I love her.

Other than that I have completely switched all of my cosmetic products to non toxic brands. I’ve surprisingly found a TON of non toxic makeup brands. They aren’t any different from regular makeup brands either! I use the website to look up the products and it rates each product’s toxicity level. I have switched all of my products to a level 1 rating, even my nail polish! I really recommend everyone with Lyme to use this website…especially if you are a girl who likes to wear makeup everyday and ESPECIALLY if you wear lipstick. Lipstick is one of the most toxic makeup products because it can get ingested. It causes stomach cancer and reproductive issues. I loveeeee lipstick so I luckily Found a company that has non toxic level 1 lipstick. It is called Maia’s mineral Galaxy. In fact all of their products are a 1 toxicity rating. I just ordered over 300 dollars worth of their stuff lol. Another brand that sells non toxic is Ava Anderson. This company has pretty much everything you need: shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, bar soap, deodorant, even household cleaning supplies. It’s a really good one-stop place to get everything you need for basic supplies. All of it is a level 1 as well. Another thing is that the stuff isn’t expensive like you would think. It’s basically the same price. Some of the makeup might be more expensive than what some people pay but If you’re used to shopping at bare minerals and Sephora like me, it’s not much of a difference at all. But honestly no matter what the price it is definitely worth it to switch. I was so shocked to read the toxic reviews on my bare minerals makeup (which I thought was good). Some of it is a 1 but the stuff I used heavily on a daily basis is really bad. I’m glad I am finding out about this stuff now at age 19 so I can switch and stay toxic free for my whole life and hopefully not have any health issues related to what cosmetics I use. Using non toxic products also helps detox with Lyme patients (duh). But it really is a “killing two birds with one stone” because I can help with Lyme but also help my overall well being. I plan on always sticking with the ava Anderson products and the Maia’s mineral Galaxy makeup because there is no point to use toxic products if non toxic products are available.
Now to my Lyme symptoms…overall I think I am getting better. My Brain fog and dizziness is definitely improving but I still have it at least once a day. It does not last as long and/or is not as intense as it was before. Also I haven’t had neck pain, ear ringing or a lot of my other random symptoms. I do still have vision problems. This has not gotten better as I am still wearing my glasses all day until I go to bed. I’m kinda used to wearing my glasses now so when someone says something to me I always forget it have them on. One new thing is I have been really really itchy for a few days now. I think this is either a symptom of bartonella or it is a die off thing. I don’t really know but it is very annoying. I have been taking detox baths and they make me very dizzy but I do sweat a lot so I know that is helping me detox my body. Right now I am taking all the medication my Lyme doctor told me to take: four doxycycline, 6 cephalexin, two vitamin c, two zinc, 8 grapefruit seed, four probiotics, a coq10, and I have a transdermal glutathione that I put on twice a day. I really think I am slowly starting to get better but I am realizing that it is definitely going to be a long recovery. I am seeing my Lyme Doctor again on the 24th and he will have all my results from all the blood work I had done. I can’t wait to find out if I have bartonella as well. That’s all my news for now.




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