Lyme doctor Information 

Yesterday I saw my Lyme doctor. We were there for four hours. It was so nice to sit down with a doctor and not be dismissed within 20 minutes. He went over EVERYTHING with me. We went over all my blood work and I guess my immune system isn’t working how it is supposed to. That was the first thing he noticed. He was the first doctor to notice that on my blood work cuz apparently he reads all the values and not just skims over it like most lazy doctors do. We went over all my symptoms from the beginning and I showed him my rash picture. He thinks it is a Lyme rash but he also thinks it looks like a co-infection rash as well :(. I can’t even remember everything he talked about cuz it was so much.
I learned something I never would have guessed though. Apparently some people who get bitten by a tick with the Lyme bacterium don’t ever develop Lyme disease because their immune system can fight it off. I always thought that if a person gets bit by a tick with the bacteria they are doomed to get Lyme disease. This makes me feel really unlucky. His speculation is that my immune system wasn’t working exactly right when I got bit back in April. My body couldn’t fight off the bacteria and now I’m living in hell. Haha. I feel like the most unlucky person right now because last semester I was only outside TWICE (besides walking to class obviously) and at one of the times I was outside playing golf my immune system was being lame and I just happened to get bit by some asshole tick. How unlucky.
Anyway, we went over all that and he even mentioned that I could possibly (very unlikely) have some other bacterial infection or maybe heavy metals in my system. I will be getting loads more testing done to rule out every other weird disease besides Lyme. He thinks this is Lyme mixed with a malfunctioning immune system. I will also be sending blood off to the igenix lab in California. Every Lyme patient knows about this. It is pretty much the most reliable place to send blood for Lyme testing. It will be interesting to see what it says. I hope I do not have a co-infection.
He gave me a huge list of medicine and supplements to slowly start on. I will attach a picture of the list. He likes to do both antibiotics and the “natural” way to treat Lyme. I will be upping my doxycycline to 400mg a day instead of 200mg and I will also be taking another antibiotic. He also said something that gave me hope. We talked a lot about body size and he said that he sees the best recovery from young adults my age, female, and also my body type-short and very slim with small bones. I guess this is because my body type is the easiest to detoxify. This is good because when I start killing off the bacterium I will be able to use those supplements to detox and get the bacteria out of my body for good. I think I have already killed off some bacteria from being on the doxycycline for a month and three days but I need to make sure that it leaves my body for good. Lyme is so tricky because the bacteria can go dormant and hide. That makes me sick thinking about bacteria in my body so I try to not think about it at all.

I am hopeful because he said I have a good body shape for recovery and also because I have a game plan and not just blindly treating myself based off the internet. I will be simultaneously trying to fix my immune system while killing and detoxing my body. Once my immune system is better it can help get rid of the bad bacteria. I got the vibe from him that my recovery won’t be as long as some of his patients. Hopefully i am right. My recovery goal is to be well enough to return to school for the spring semester and for the brain fog to completely gone.

“No where but up from here.”




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