Brain fog 

I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been kinda busy and I really haven’t had much to write about. Only three more days till I see my Lyme doctor and I’m super excited about it. I’ve had some brain fog the past couple days not just at night but periodically throughout the afternoon which sucks. I just wish that would be the first symptom to go away and stay away for good. I’ve also had some dizziness throughout the day this week but it hasn’t been too terrible.

Looking back at the beginning of this and now it seems that my symptoms have gotten better overall. There are some symptoms I don’t even have anymore like: numbness and tingling, vertigo, neck pain (is better), ringing in ears, jaw pain, and my vision problems are better. Overall it appear that I am slightly getting better but it’s hard to believe that when I still have the WORST symptom lingering…the stupid brain fog and dizziness!!! I don’t think that I’ll ever consider myself to be better till those are gone. It seems that most people with Lyme, this is also the case. The brain fog appears to be the last symptom to resolve. I wish it were easier to explain what the brain fog truly feels like but if someone hasn’t experienced it they don’t understand. The best way I can describe it is that it is like being constantly high. I feel as though I am in a haze constantly. Nothing seems real around me and when I move my eyes it takes awhile for objects to catch up to me. Even looking at this phone screen is difficult at times. It is by far the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my 19 years of living. I just wish there was a pill for this symptom. I really hope that one day I will never have this symptom again.

I still look forward to the day I can go back to college. It seems crazy but I actually miss studying and doing homework because at least that meant that I was normal. 😦

This is my black kitty, Zeta 🙂 she’s a lot smaller than Capella and not as fluffy but she’s really cute and goofy. I got her before Capella.





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