celiac, wrist, and cat pictures!!

Well the pain in my hand has moved to my wrist. I’m thinking this is slight carpal tunnel??? So many weird things just keep happening. I could write a horror movie about this…the haunting of the Lyme. I think my cat knows I’m sick. She follows me around my house and even into the bathroom when I shower. She looks at me and meows like she’s saying “feel better mom!” I love her so much πŸ™‚ she’s part Maine coon so she’s totally fluffy and long.
Β  Cat and me

Β Capella

I stopped eating gluten last Friday and I think my brain fog is getting slightly better. My sister has celiac so my neurologist (after denying Lyme) suggested getting gene testing done for celiac and apparently I do have the gene. I don’t know if I have celiac or not but I figured staying away from gluten can’t hurt. Maybe my whole sickness is simply from having celiac??? I highly doubt that but that would be awesome. Some of my symptoms overlap with celiac but this new hand and wrist pain is really odd.
I’m huge pasta fan so I am sad about that. 😦 I did have a gluten free lasagna thing this weekend that was pretty good, though. I also really like pancakes so that’s depressing as well. But if I feel better from not eating gluten then there’s not much I can do.

My mom signed me up for an online differential equations class so I have to do that now. I’m glad I can stay a little on track with my school. I’m hoping I wont have to switch out of engineering but I don’t know if I will be able to get back into my engineering classes after taking a semester off.

Hopefully this hand and wrist pain goes away soon. Using my phone all day probably doesn’t help much haha. We shall see.




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