September Update

Hi! I thought I’d do a quick update since restarting my IV treatment last month. Things have been going relatively smoothly as far as the port and treatment goes (well as smoothly as life for a Lyme patient is). I’ve been doing my IVs (doxy and rocephin) daily since August 5. When I first started … More September Update


Sooo I have not been on my blog in two months?! So much has changed and happened!  Last time I wrote a blog I had a picc line and I was planning on getting a port a cath placed in my chest. I was able to finally get my port placed on June 3rd. The … More Update!!!

Picc line drama 

An update is LOOONGGGGG overdue on here so this post might be lengthy. So much has happened since my last post it’s almost unreal!!!😬😬😬 I will just take it back to about 4 weeks ago…. About a month after I got my picc line placed I began to get a little too ‘comfortable’ (best word … More Picc line drama 

IV update 

So I need to update on how my iv treatment is going. Overall it’s been helping. I think it’s been helping a lot More than the orals did in the past 5 months…I’ve done more stuff this past week than I have in almost 7 months! I was able to go back to my apartment, … More IV update 


Something that is hard to avoid when dealing with a sickness or any hardship in life is letting it take over and consume your whole life.  A lot of times when something bad happens and a person has to deal with it for a long time, they let it consume and become their whole life. … More Lyme&Life


For the past couple days I’ve been really tired and nauseous and I’m not sure if it is from a herx or if it is from the medicine. That’s the one thing in particular about Lyme treatment that sucks-you never really know what is going on. I might be getting a PICC line put in … More Things